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Courtroom Technology

Please be advised that technological configurations may vary in each courtroom. If you have any specific questions regarding technology needs in the courtroom, please contact the divisional office's deputy-in-charge for details.

Digital Evidence Presentation System (DEPS)

With the Evidence Presentation System, the Court makes available progressive technology for evidence presentation in all Divisional Offices for the Eastern District of Kentucky. 

Document camera and Elo touch screen

Document Camera

A document camera enables counsel to present evidence to the Judge, Clerk, Witness, Counsel Tables and Jury via video monitors and a large screen plasma TV. Evidence can be in any medium (e.g., documents, photographs, negatives, x-rays, and 3-D objects).

Elo touchscreens

Elo Touch Screens

The Elo touch screen allow Counsel to draw or circle areas on the screen (in different colors), which in turn displays the annotation over the evidence on all viewing devices. This allows non-destructive marks to be displayed without harming the original exhibit.



A VCR/DVD is supplied for the playback of video evidence. The SVHS VCR is capable of freeze-frame, which allows for annotation on the tape at a frame by frame basis using the touch Screen. The controls are available to the user via a remote control or the court's control panel. In order that the highest quality be preserved, SVHS tapes must be used.

Laptop connection

A 15-pin VGA video connection is made available for both counsel to connect into the display input of the DEPS unit. This option allows the switching, via the control panel, the output of Counsel's laptop to display on all courtroom monitors. The maximum supported resolution is 1024 X 768. Wide screen laptops will need to be resized.