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Excuse from Service

If an individual summoned for Jury Service wishes to be temporarily or permanently excused from service, the individual summoned must write a letter to the Court explaining the reasons for such a request. Additional materials which are relevant to the request may be attached to this letter. The letter must be emailed, faxed, or sent by U.S. Mail to the District Court such that it would arrive before the appearance date. The letter and associated materials will be reviewed by the Court. The individual will be notified by email or U.S. Mail of the decision.

Individuals who appear in Court solely for the purpose of being excused are not paid the mileage and attendance fees normally associated with Jury Service.

The District Court will make every effort to accommodate vacations, medical appointments, or other pressing situations as best as circumstances allow. However, mailing a request for excuse from service within the proper time frame does not guarantee that an excuse will be granted. In the same manner, appearing before the presiding Judge to request an excuse does not guarantee that such will be granted. Reasons for excuse from Jury Service must be compelling and legitimate. Unless an individual has received notification from the Court granting an excuse from Jury Service, all individuals summoned must report for service on the date notified by the Clerk.

Failure to comply with the summons for jury service is considered a Contempt of Court and is punishable by applicable laws.

Phone Numbers for Jury service information are:

Division Local Numbers Long Distance
Ashland 606-329-2465 1-866-349-0349
Covington 859-392-7925 Call Collect - Daytime
Covington 859-392-7928 Call Collect - Evening
Frankfort 502-223-5225 Call Collect
Lexington 859-233-2503 1-800-432-0657
London 606-877-7910 1-866-239-9358
Pikeville 606-437-6160 1-800-660-0126