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Jury Service

There are two types of jury service, Petit Jurors and Grand Jurors. Petit Jurors are those individuals who are called to serve for civil or criminal jury trials held in Court. Grand Jurors are individuals who convene in private session to evaluate accusations against persons charged with a crime and decide if the evidence warrants a bill of indictment. This is the preliminary stage in the adjudication of a criminal case.

The period of Petit Juror service starts on the first day the juror is to report for jury service, even if the trial is canceled. Being subject to call DOES NOT mean that the juror will report for service each day. Instead, the juror is expected to appear only on days when requested during the period of service. The average time a petit juror serves is usually twenty days or six months of service whichever comes first. During the service period, jurors are notified by mail or by phone of the specific dates and times when they must report to the United States District Court for possible jury service. Until the period of service expires, jurors are free to continue their routines as before unless notified to report for service.

Grand Jurors are chosen to be impaneled for a term of twelve months and meet one scheduled day each month.

When requested to appear at Court for jury service, jurors are given a specific phone number for the divisional Courthouse where they are to report. Jurors are instructed to call this number on the night before the jury service date. A recorded message will then notify the juror of any changes in the date, time, or location for jury service. Should any changes be made to the schedule, the Juror Status for the division will be updated immediately on the website. It is the jurors' responsibility to call the phone number, or check the Juror Status, the night before to verify that their presence is required. The recorded message is activated on the evening before the scheduled date to appear.

Phone Numbers for Jury service information are:

Division Local Numbers Long Distance
Ashland 606-329-2465 1-866-349-0349
Covington 859-392-7925 Call Collect - Daytime
Covington 859-392-7928 Call Collect - Evening
Frankfort 502-223-5225 Call Collect
Lexington 859-233-2503 1-800-432-0657
London 606-877-7910 1-866-239-9358
Pikeville 606-437-6160 1-800-660-0126